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Q. How do I Know I'm selecting the right mattress for myself?

A. There is no one-size-fits-all mattress on the market, and although some information can help narrow the search, unfortunately there is no way of knowing based solely on your weight, height, age, or medical conditions exactly which mattress is going to be right for you. However, the truth is if you are not rushed during the shopping process, and take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes trying out various mattresses, you will often end up with a bed that you will sleep comfortably on. This is mainly because your body will tell you almost immediately if the bed you’ve selected is too firm, too soft, not supportive, etc.
That said, how comfortable you are on a mattress is only half the equation. Most mattresses will feel great lying on them in the store for ten minutes. The next important two factions are price and longevity. A mattress that will be slept on by an adult every night often needs to be a better quality mattress than one used in a guest bedroom or child’s bedroom. To determine what will best fit these needs, the application of the mattress should be established early on, and the sales representative should give honest and transparent information about the bed’s expectations. Unfortunately, there are several places that will sell lesser-quality products at higher prices to allow discounts, freebies, or other gimmicks to be considered.
At Mattress Haven, we’ll show you exactly what to look for during your next mattress purchase. We’ll make sure you’re getting exactly what you need at a reasonable price, period. Our no-gimmicks approach and everyday affordable prices ensure we’re not going to play games with your money, and our knowledgeable staff will make sure no question is left unanswered.

Q. Why do I wake up with pain?

A. The most-common reason for this will stem directly from pressure. The misconception that firmer mattresses are healthier for your body is often misleading, as firmer mattresses actually create uneven support in our back, shoulders, and hips. A great example of this is how uneven your body is supported when lying on your back on the floor.
While it is possible for some to sleep better with this uneven support, a vast majority will find this pressure to be painful and unhealthy. Symptoms of this uneven support range from numbing of the legs, hips, shoulders, or arms, lower back or neck pain, difficulty breathing, or constant tossing and turning.
When discussing mattresses, people will often associate the words ‘soft’ and ‘firm’ with particular feels in the quilt or contour, and while these may be a factor in a person’s mattress preferences, pressure, on the other hand, affects everyone universally. It is a vast reduction in this type of pressure that make high-quality memory foam mattresses such an attractive choice for those suffering from chronic lower back or upper back pain, arthritis, or poor circulation.
At Mattress Haven, we’ll explain the differences in this pressure from one mattress to the next, and give you honest and transparent advice for your next mattress. We offer a 30-day sleep trial on every memory foam mattress in our store, so you can buy with confidence. We don’t sleep well if you don’t sleep well.

Q. Why does my inner spring mattress sag in the middle?

A. On a long enough timeline, every innerspring mattress will start to sag. Factors such as coil design, coil gauge, regular use, and how often you rotate the mattress may affect how long an innerspring mattress will last. It is our recommendation for mattresses purchased for regular use by adults be either a high-quality innerspring or memory foam mattress. High-quality beds will cost more than lesser-quality beds, by their longevity will more than make up for that cost in the long-run. It’s important to ask questions about the warranties on innerspring mattresses to know exactly what the manufacturer will deem a ‘defect’. While it’s often for these warranties to kick in once the owner has developed an inch and a half body indention, some manufacturers require as much as two and a half inch body indentions, and several require the body indention to show up on both sides of the bed.

Q. How is the memory foam better than traditional coil mattress?

A. Memory foam mattresses are often better than traditional coil mattresses in several ways. High-quality foams will nearly always outlast an innerspring mattress, often by several years. High-quality memory foam beds often do not need to be flipped, rotated, or repositioned like most coil mattresses, and several foam beds are hypoallergenic-antimicrobial, which will prevent almost any pollen, dust, dust mites, or allergens from entering the mattress. The warranties on high-end foam beds are often much better, as the beds often have to show much less of a body impression before the bed can be replaced.
However, there are several lower-quality foam beds on the market which are nowhere near the quality of some of the higher-end beds. There are also some very overpriced foams on the market that, while excellent in quality, can cost up to three times as much as nearly-identical products made by other reputable high-end companies. At Mattress Haven, we’ll take the time to explain the differences between foam beds, what to look for if you decide you want to purchase a memory foam bed, and what questions to ask to ensure you’re getting the best possible bed for the least amount of money.

Q. I've heard you sleep hot on a memory foam. Is that true?

A. It certainly can be with lesser-quality foam mattresses. Synthetic memory foam conforms and contours to your body, which allows it to support your body weight evenly, and ensures proper spinal cord alignment. However, if the foam does not "breathe," or there is no ventilation system in the foam, then it’s very possible for your trapped body heat to make you sleep warmer.
The new iComfort mattress line from Serta adds a cool-action gel to their synthetic foam mixture which dissipates heat unlike any other sythetic memory foam on the market. There is virtually no heat retention on the iComfort memory foam mattresses for this reason.
Aside from the iComfort line, every memory foam mattress we sell in our store uses ventilated foam, so you shouldn’t sleep any warmer than you would on any other type of bed. Our 30-day trial also allows you to exchange the mattress is you feel uncomfortable or are dissatisfied for any reason. We are committed to making sure your experience with us is a pleasant one.

Q. What if I don't sleep well on the mattress you sell me?

A. While it’s always our main concern to ensure our customers sleep well on any mattress we sell them, we make certain expectations are realistic on all our products prior to purchase. We will give you honest information about how well a mattress will hold up over time given the application of the product. We also offer a 30-day sleep trial on every memory foam mattress we sell. This trial will grant the buyer a credit in the amount of their original purchase towards any other mattress in our store. If a buyer chooses a more expensive model, they must pay the difference between the new mattress and their original purchase. If the buyer chooses a mattress that is a lesser price as their original, they will pay nothing for the exchange, though a refund of the difference between the two mattresses will not be available. Delivery fees are not included in these exchange figures, and must be paid separately, when applicable.

Q. What brands do you sell?

A. We sell Serta mattresses for adults, and Colgate mattresses for cribs. We also sell Sorelle youth furniture, and Lifestyle and Element recliners and bedroom groups. These brands have not only great name recognition, but more important, have stellar customer reviews and ratings across the board.

Q. What kind of payments do you accept?

A. We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Q. How Long have you been in business?

A. Mattress Haven was opened April 1, 2009. Owners Michael and Elaine have had, together, over a decade in sales experience in the mattress industry.

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